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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

AKA Road Trip: Basilica of Saint Joseph Proto-Cathedral

Due to getting out late Friday, I had to adjust our sight-seeing schedule.  I decided a visit to the Basilica of Saint Joseph Proto-Cathedral would be just the thing to do.
I found the simplicity of it striking.  Very peaceful and beautiful. 
We arrived just as a docent was starting a tour for a couple of people, so we joined in.  Before too long they slipped out and we had a private tour.  Suited me fine.  We had a great visit and learned quite a bit.
It was started in 1816 and ready for its first Mass in 1819. It was completely done in 1823.  Each column is a yellow popular beam.  It was plastered for shape and faux painted to look like marble. 
The docent said this organ is used for most of the music for services.
The walls have beautiful stained glass windows and masterpiece oil paintings by the likes of Rubens, Murillo, and Van Dyke to name a few.  Unfortunately, most are in desperate need of restoration and have gotten so dark they are hard to see. 
Stained glass detail.
The alter.  The gilded bronze tabernacle was a gift at its dedication.
I love this painting.  What personality it shows!
Lovely still life.
Another view of the interior.
Peaceful glow of candles.

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