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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Little Bird's Milestone

Back from another trip up to MO.  Not only am I working on planting beds at my home, while we were up there Himself and I helped with planting beds at both my parents and Sis’s homes too.  I’ll get some photos when they fill out a bit.
While we were there Little Bird passed a milestone.  She finished her first year of preschool.  What happened to the tiny baby girl?  She’s gotten so big.
That’s her in the big orange bow, with her teacher and classmates. 
The school raised butterflies for the children.  As part of the last day celebrations, the butterflies were released.  You can see one of them taking off if you follow the gaze of the teacher letting them go.  (I’d love to know what Little Bird was thinking!)
Little Bird showing off her certificate to her Mommy (my Sis), while Little Hoss gets a treat from his Grandma (my Mom).
Having some fun with the ‘balloon’ she made.
Chillin’ with Little Hoss. 
He loves my little tape measure.  It keeps him busy for quite a while. 
Grandma reading him a book keeps him occupied too. 
Once the ‘ceremony’ was over, all the kids present were able to play with a bunch of toys.  Fun times!!
It was love at first sight for Little Hoss and this Tonka truck.
Little Bird and the badminton racquet.
They need to work on their jump rope technique!
Looking for a play partner.

Trucks and balls… perfect playtime for a little boy!
Zooming off somewhere…
She loves to round-up the balls and have them in their ‘proper’ place.  
Himself caught a sweet sight on camera.  Little Bird and this baby girl played together for quite a while. 

Aren’t they precious?

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  1. I absolutely LOVED that look on Little Bird's face when the teacher let loose of the butterfly!!! What a fun memory!! Yes, each milestone is very important. I remember my older Granddaughter graduating from Head start and now she is 21 and this year our youngest Granddaughter is graduating high school.


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