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Friday, May 31, 2013

Amish Flower Auction

A few weeks ago was the annual flower and plant auction held by the Amish and Mennonites in our area.  It’s something we have been going to for several years now as the prices are really good and the plants are beautiful. 
You know you are getting close to the auction barn when you see all the buggies. 
A different type of ‘parking lot’. 
There are some pretty cool tractors brought in by the Mennonites too.
Unfortunately it wasn’t up to standard this year.  The weather had been cold and wet all week…with that Saturday being no exception.  There were a lot fewer plants brought in, especially bedding plants and bushes.
(Sorry for the big gap...Blogger is acting up again! )
But as usual, what was there was amazing.
My first 2 winning bids… for Sis and Little Bird. 
With things going so slowly it gave us plenty of time for people watching…
…and that is always fun at the auction.
We got what we came for, and like some others there, it was time to hitch up and take off.  All thru the summer they host produce auctions, so I’m going to check those out sometime.  Maybe get some stuff to put up in our freezer.

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