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Thursday, May 30, 2013

AKA Road Trip: All Aboard the Dinner Train!

After leaving St. Joseph’s we headed over to our motel to freshen up and change clothes.  Himself, having no idea what was next, was curious as to why he had to be dressed up. 
He was surprised when we pulled into the parking lot for the “My Old Kentucky Home Dinner Train”.
After waiting a bit in the depot lounge, we boarded the train car for our dinner excursion.
It was lovely.  It felt as though you were in a very nice restaurant.  The servers were excellent too. 
Soon we were rolling thru the Kentucky countryside…
…while nibbling on our appetizer plate.  There was shaved country ham, a fresh biscuit, lacy Swiss cheese, flat bread crackers, and apple butter. 
We rolled past beautiful farms,
through small towns,
and past old depots from the days when train travel was THE way to go. 
Our next course was the salads…
Himself had the Caesar.
I had the “Golden Spike” salad.  It had different lettuces, strawberries, almonds, feta cheese and fresh mint with their signature Golden Spike dressing on the side.  When it came to the table I thought it was a honey mustard.  Instead it was very thick and somewhat sweet. 
After the salad plates were cleared, our entrees arrived.
Himself chose to have their scallops.  “Seared giant sea scallops, local grits with a demi-glace and wilted greens, sugar snap peas and carrots”.  They were fixed perfectly.
And I had the ‘Kentucky Saltimbocca’.   “French cut chicken breast roasted and wrapped with country ham, local grits, asiago-sage cream sauce with sugar snap peas and carrots.”  It was a neat twist on a classic Italian dish.  I’m definitely going to try that cream sauce at home!
As the train returned back to the station, dessert was served.  All the usual were offered; cobbler, pecan pie, apple dumplings, etc.  But we went for something a bit different…

The Chocolate Choo-Choo for Two!    “A chocolate engine filled with Chantilly cream and dark chocolate mousse riding on a chocolate raspberry track.”  How could we resist??
What a perfect evening.

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  1. What a fun dinner...and that chocolate choo choo is adorable!!!


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