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Monday, July 22, 2013

1947 Recipe Scrapbook (with recipe)

When my great grandmother passed away, I found this old scrapbook among the things the rest of the family wasn’t interested in.  I grabbed it up right away!  Behind this decorative cover lies treasure…
… a bit of my grandma on every page.  I remember cooking and canning with her when I was little.  Oh the meals she could make!!!
She clipped and pasted all sorts of things.  It’s fun to see what she was interested in cooking.  And it’s equally fun looking at how recipe notations have changed in 66 years. 
In some places she wrote in the recipes from friends.  I wonder who Mary Lee Taylor was?  She must have been a good cook; there are quite a few of her recipes in here.
On a few pages she pasted in recipes that friends had given her.  And I love the way she made sure to get the recipe photo in where she could.
We’ve tried one of these recipes so far.  Himself makes this rice pudding as a treat.  It is a bit of a process but sooo worth it!
I’m going to keep this recipe scrapbook on a plate rack in my dining room for the memories of cooking with my grandma.


  1. Easy to make!!!

    Wow...This is what i have been looking for and you have done a great job. Beautiful cards.

  2. oh wow!!!! this is so beautiful!!!! love this and seeing all of the pages too!!! Thank you so much for linking up with Sweet Saturdays!!!!


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