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Saturday, July 13, 2013

On to 51 -- It’s Been A Fabulous 50th Year

One year ago I never expected this year would be such a ‘home body’ time for me.  I thought a “fabulous” year would be one with a lot of exploring and classes.  But instead it has been a very introspective year.  I’ve found the things I really wanted to accomplish were right here at home. 
I have discovered TANE.  No longer do I stress over having a ‘perfect’ house when we have guests.  My house is my home and it is “Tidy And Non Embarrassing”.  Good enough!  LOL  Yeah, there might be some dust or a lady bug gone belly-up by the window.  But I’m not worried about it because I am no longer cultivating shallow relationships that enjoy making drama.  My friends have dust and deceased lady bugs too! 
I’m almost at my goal of having a decluttered and organized home.  It’s not quite there… I still have 5 areas to go thru so I will be done in 5 weeks.  Not bad. 
I have rediscovered my creativity.  I’ve learned to cut myself some slack and ‘dance like no one is watching’.  And as I have played with my ‘artwork’, my photography, my crafting, my cooking I’ve opened up parts of my mind.  It’s really been amazing.  I think quicker and clearer than I had been, as tho neural pathways were being washed of ‘gunk’.   I am making my own space… a ‘chick cave’ so to speak.  A place to create, to read, to think. 
All that is not to say I didn’t have adventures and new experiences!  Let’s see… I had my own photo show.  I’ve become a volunteer at Whole Foods Cooking School.  I’ve seen the rings of Saturn with my own telescope.  Himself and I have been on several weekend road trips.  I’ve hosted a ‘tasting party’.  And there’s been a few first that I wasn’t quite so excited about… the first time in my life I had to take an antibiotic.  And getting bifocals.  Just saying… bifocals and photography are NOT friends. 
However, it has been relationships have been a major focus of my year. 
Relationship with my Lord…  has grown and deepened incredibly.
Relationships with family…  My family circle is small and I have come to recognize just how precious it is. 
Relationships with friends…  I have come to the conclusion that a ‘one way friendship’ doesn’t work for me.  I’ve let some friendships go and some I am working on strengthening.  I’ve started new friendships. 
I’m looking forward to the discoveries I’ll make in this next year.

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