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Friday, July 5, 2013

Creative Friday

Been busy traveling and working around the house, so my creative projects have mainly been done as part of the Index Card A Day challenge, sometimes combined with other blog’s creative challenges.
ICAD Week 2
Top Row:
My first attempt at a ‘paisley’ design.
A sketch of a still life I arranged and photographed. 
Middle Row:
A Zen tangle pattern ‘quilt’.  Practicing my doodles!
My response to the prompt “junk mail”.  I made a ‘snail mail’ inspired by the junk mailbox in my email.
Bottom Row:
For the “Summer of Color” prompt ‘Citron and Turquoise’.  It’s pieced together using paint chips and detailed with a Sharpie pen.
For the prompts “Favorite Things List” and “Vines”.
The prompt was “bizarre”.  The background is basket woven strips of paper from a magazine. 
ICAD Week 3
 Top Row:
The prompt for this one was “Poem”.  So I wrote my own haiku inspired by this picture.
Prompt was “postage stamp”. 
I sketched this picture of Himself’s ship while watching “The Deadliest Catch”.  Would have been better if I wasn’t doing it during the commercials!
Middle Row:
My multi-talented butterfly!  It was made for the Summer of Color combo ‘hot pink and orange’, plus prompts from 2 other blogs ‘winged’ and ‘polka dot’. 
Bottom Row:
For the prompt “Italy”.
Cityscape collage.  This is my first attempt.  I’ve seen some really cute ones so I’ll keep working on the idea.
Notes from my Sunday School class using doodles with Zen tangle patterns.
ICAD Week 4
 Top Row:
Just a ‘string’ doodle.
For the prompt “faux stitching”.
Prompt of “lizard”.  I did a SW deco lizard with a kokopelli on his back. 
Middle Row:
Zen tangle pattern “Hurry”. 
Bottom Row:
A collage from papers I picked up on our trip to the Butterfly House.  For this I used the brochure for the 'title', the shop's bag for the body (it had the print already on it), and I cut up a post card of a butterfly to make wings for "Madam Butterfly".  
A quick sketch inspired by Little Hoss’ birthday cake.
Another collage from our trip to the MO Botanical Gardens.  I used a brochure that Little Bird gave me.
This photo of a passion flower was taken in response to the Summer of Color prompt “Lime Green and Purple”.
I digitally altered a photo I took in Kenya for a response to the Summer of Color prompt “charcoal grey and pink”.   

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