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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Challenging Myself

I enjoy a good challenge as you’ve probably already guessed with all the DIY and creative challenges I take part in.  So I thought a fun motivator for me would be to challenge myself with monthly projects that I could blog about regularly.  At the beginning of the month I will tell you what projects I have decided to challenge myself to complete for that month.  Then the next month I will show what I did for each one. 
Here are the challenges I’ve come up with for myself:
Indoor Makeover – An area within walls: it could be in the living area of the house, garage, shed, etc.  May or may not be my own home… but it will be someplace I have worked on.
Outdoor Makeover – Any area outside that I’ve worked on.
“Copper Chef” – I’m not at an Iron Chef level but I’ll use one seasonal ingredient in multiple recipes.
Book Review – I’ve started reading a book a month purely for pleasure with the Artful Readers Club.  I’m going to continue finding interesting reads for each month and writing a review on them.
Clutter Free Me – Organizing or decluttering projects.
Vignette - Time to mix up my shelves and table tops. 
Repurpose It – New use for found or thrifted items.
Going Green – I want to become more environmentally responsible. 
Creative Outlet – Instead of a weekly ‘Creative Friday’, I’ll show what I’ve been doing once a month. 
51-derful – An area of personal change to live a better life.  
I’ll tell you tomorrow what I’ve decided to work on for August!

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