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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Plans: Week 5

Week 3 plans were delightfully accomplished… play with the babies, play with the babies, and play with the babies!  Although at 3 and almost 4 maybe it’s time to stop calling them “the babies”.
They’re my babies!!!
Anyway, there was a shift in plans during June due to allergies and rain.  Himself’s ‘study’ was done with no problems.  But we got a LOT of rain at the beginning of the week and the ground was so muddy during the time I had to work out there.  So I really didn’t get much done outside in week 2.
And the plan shift in the studio was because my allergies flared up (from the rain I suppose).  But there was no way I could paint, which gets to my sinuses too.  So I worked on other things in there and did a bit of neatening in the garage. 
So my summer plans for week 4 were:
The room of the week was the dining room.  This was an easy one!  I have a tiny little dining room without much in it. 
In my studio I worked in the lounge area.  Moved things around and brought in furniture I stored out in the shed.
And outside I finished up mulching my herb garden and sprucing up the front porch (so many cob webs!). 
And now for week 5 I’m back on target.  The plans are:
The room of the week to organize is the kitchen.  It’s not too bad… but the pantry and broom closet do need some work.
Studio… set up the shelves in the workshop area.  Then start moving things in! 
Outside I’m going to work on the area around my garage doors.  Looking kind of sad out there…

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