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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Day at the Museum of Transportation

In another outing with the babies and my folks, we went to a St. Louis attraction that I haven’t been to in decades (so sad!). 
The Transportation Museum is a little boy’s dream trip (and many a little girl’s too). 
It mainly consists of train exhibits of all sorts.  Love this photo mosaic!  
The lower level building houses some old fire engines.
An early railroad car…converted from a stage coach!
The carved circus train fascinated the kids.  Unfortunately the barriers were very flimsy and open in the back… which caused the security people to be barking at anyone who leaned in for a good look.  The babies’ attention was quite unwelcome.  This is a shame because it was one of their favorite things.
Transportation museum… get a better protective case so the kids can enjoy it too!
It’s really a beautiful piece of workmanship.
Look at those details.
The protective case was even worse around the model train table.  Plexiglas panels set in a grove in the table top…joined together at the top with BINDER CLIPS!  Seriously.  There was no one there to run the train either.  So disappointing for the kids.
However, they did enjoy a ride on the mini train.
The engine is gorgeous! 
All aboard!
Little Hoss waiting with his grandpa for the ride to start.
The engineer.
The Didia 150…formerly owned by Bobby Darrin.
Strange looking car…
Another strange car…
The “Stanley Steamer”.
Little Bird really liked this car. 
As we approached this truck, Little Hoss said it was a dump truck.  I said it was a type of pick up. 
The 3 year old was right!
He enjoyed that…
Love the detail on the glass!
Now up to the train yard…
…where the big engines are.
Where all sorts of ‘big’ is…
Some of the cars are open for exploring.  The kids loved this tanker.
We had a grand time ‘choo-chooing’ and making noise for the echoes.  I think Mom pretended she didn’t know us!  LOL
Little Hoss was fascinated with UNDER the trains. 
He checked everything out.
Little Bird liked going up IN the displays.  Here she is climbing up into a caboose.
Ladders must be climbed…right?
And if it has a wheel…
…Little Hoss is going to turn it!! 
This bell had a rope attached so the kids could ring it.
Love the detail of this screen in one of the old passenger cars.
There are all sorts of great photo ops to be had.
It was a good trip.  Himself and I will be going this fall with the kids to see more.

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  1. I haven't been to the Museum of Transportation since my boys were young. It looks like they've expanded it since then.

    Have you been to the Wabash Frisco and Pacific Railroad in Wildwood? The kids (big AND little) would really like it.


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