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Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Wee Break in a Busy Month

It’s been crazy busy out here at The Sticks for the last week… and it will be staying that way up to the end of the month! 
I’ve been putting overtime in on my studio makeover… which has led to a clean-up of the garage.  Himself will be home soon, so the upstairs has to get whipped into shape.  Yard work is going in dibs and dabs since it seems to be either raining or super hot & humid.  I don’t work in either one!  And I’ve had a few fun classes too!
Coming back from one of those classes I decided to have a bit of fun and take the ferry from Indian Mounds across the Cumberland River to Cumberland City.
Seventy-five cents is certainly a bargain for a wee adventure.  And I did drag coming off.
Here it comes!
All aboard!
That’s the Cumberland City steam plant in the background.  You can see those towers for miles.  The paratroopers at Ft. Campbell use them as a landmark during jumps.
  Love the ‘no loafing’!  Wonder if that’s aimed at passengers or the kid who does the loading?
Bye-bye Cumberland City.  It was fun!

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  1. I was thinking of you the other day, hoping you hadn't been affected by the rain/flooding.


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