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Monday, August 5, 2013

Pizza Party!

I’m recently back from a visit with the babies.  This time we didn’t go out much but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a lot of fun.  I was treated to a ‘pizza party’!
Little Bird got a fun pizza toy on her ‘Daddy Date’.  The three different toppings Velcro to the top of the pizza and the sides also have Velcro to hold them together. 
The little ones would ask what we wanted on our pizza, and then head over to the pizzeria to make it up.
Little Hoss was quite serious with his chef duties!
It had to be just right.
Time to cut and serve it up!
First a slice for Grandma…
…then one for Aunt Teri!
Little Bird decided that every party needed some music.
“Let’s see…what should I play?”
“You are my sunshine …”
And indeed they are.

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