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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Little Bird Is Four!

Where have the years gone?!  Little Bird turned 4 last week. 
She woke up to a room full of balloons!  I think Little Hoss liked that as much as she did!
At her special breakfast of crepes she got a present she has wanted for a long time… baby Simba (who, for some reason, she calls a ‘cheetah’).
We started her birthday week celebration with a day out in St. Louis.  Sis and I took her wherever she wanted to go.  We started off with a stop at JoAnn’s to pick up some beading supplies to make necklaces, then next door to Toys R Us.  
Next stop…The Magic House!  This place is a kid’s dream – tons of hands-on activities for them to do.  There’s so much there I’ll blog about it a little later.  It’s worth a day trip to go!
Among many, many other things there’s a little fishing pond where you can ‘hook’ a fish with a magnetic fishing pole.  Little Bird must have thought she was fly fishing and made her mama duck!
We worked up an appetite even tho we barely made a dent in the activities.  Little Bird wanted to lunch at “Stir Crazy” where we had stir fry from ingredient we selected off the ‘market bar’.  She is pretty good with her ‘training wheels’ chopsticks.  
There were also stops at a bead shop (more necklace supplies) and some fresh ice cream.
That night was the family birthday meal that finished with a birthday cake.  They both love having a cake with their photo on it!  Green is Little Bird’s favorite color…the more the better!
Grandma lit the candles as she impatiently waited to blow them out.
Then it was the exciting present time!  The pillow for her bed reads “You Are My Sunshine”…one of her favorite songs. 
The following Saturday we had her party.  The kids pick a theme for their party.  This year Little Bird wanted “Bubble Guppies” (a mermaid-ish cartoon they watch).  At this young age it is a family get-together instead of a party with other children.  
So there is always a buffet full of good food!  Isn’t the balloon ‘coral reef’ cute?
ittle Bird’s guest enjoying visiting.
Time to open more cards and presents!
A new backpack for pre-school.
Reading a card with Daddy.
Uncle Mike lends a hand in opening the grand finale…a Barbie doll house (and horse stable! LOL). 
Shhhhh… don’t tell Little Bird but she didn’t get all 50+ pieces!!  We’re not totally nuts!  ;-) 
I wish Sis had gotten some photos of Big J and I putting it together after the kids went down for their naps.  Worst instructions I’d ever seen… just a series of blurry black and white photos.  We ended up tossing them and looking at the box. 
What a hoot this doll house is!  It has lights and sound effects… including a flushing toilet! 
Big J and Little Bird make the birthday cupcakes.  He baked, she sprinkled.
She’s a very good sprinkler!
Happy Birthday to you!
I’m FOUR!! 
With Grandpa, Grandma, and Little Hoss.
And with her Daddy, Mommy, and Hoss.


  1. Happy Birthday pretty girl!

    Looks like your havig real fun.

    Boy Grandma looks young. Keeps you young Grandma. I have 6 but now they are teens.

    Keeps Grandpa on his toes. He looks good.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. These 4 years have gone fast. It is fun to watch her "grow" Thanks for sharing !

  3. Teri I have tried to comment on various blogs over the years but have not had any luck. Now I think I have figured out how. Maybe. Thanks for keeping us up on how these kids are growing ! What fun they are. Carol B.


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