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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

To Kindle or Not To Kindle... That Is The Question!

I am considering purchasing my first e-book, and I'm looking at the below Kindle.  Good choice?  I want inexpensive yet functions well.  I know zero about them.  Are they really worth the money?
So I'm asking for everyone's help.  Looking to spend $100 or less, what would you recommend and why? 


  1. I didn't know I needed a Kindle until I got one for my birthday, but I LOVE it! Mine is the most basic model you can get. The only disadvantage I can see is that it doesn't have a keyboard; you have to scroll through a visual keyboard to type. That was only an issue for me when I was registering it, though.

  2. I went into the Kindle-age kicking and screaming. I love the feel, smell, print of a "real book." I still buy "real books" if it is something I want to underline in, take notes, thumb through. BUT I broke down and bought myself a Kindle Fire last year and have slowly learned to appreciate it. I love being able to get a book I want to read pronto. It's great for traveling. And I like the Kindle Fire because I can access the internet and my email through it, too. You might consider spending the extra money to get something more versatile than a straight reader (i.e. something with internet access). This is said from someone who never had a straight reader, though. I do like the idea of the paperwhite screen, without the glare.

  3. I have the basic Kindle, too. David got it for me for Christmas a couple of years ago. I don't need one to get online or send messages or anything. I just wanted one to 'carry' a bunch of books around with me when we went away for the weekend or take a trip. I have uploaded tons and tons of free books from far have only actually purchased one book...and that was for .99 cents, I think. I have also downloaded 'rentals' from the library, too. As much as you guys travel, it would come in handy....if you take books along with you. You can have boat loads of books at your ready....with just one device.
    HAVE FUN and let us know if you get one!!!


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