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Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Challenges for August

I’ve been carefully considering what I want and need to do for August.  Especially since Himself will be coming home sometime in the 3rd full week; there’ a lot of loose ends I need to get tied up!  
Indoor Makeover:  Garage -- Yes, it’s gotten to be a mess again.  Because I had to move stuff out of my studio while I worked on it, the garage took the load.  I’ve finally gotten to the point that I have moved the studio stuff out and it is time to turn it back into a functional garage! 
Outdoor Makeover:  Planting bed along sidewalk -- Talk about NO curb appeal!  My goal is to make this area work with the graveled courtyard next to the house.  I want some Zen-like calm to greet my guests!
Copper Chef:  Zucchini – The plant that keeps on…and on…and on giving.  My CSA veggie baskets are always loaded and friends are giving it away by the bagful. 
51-derful:  Juicing -- My parents gave me a juicer for my birthday.  I’ve so excited to start using it!
Clutter Free Me:  Spray Paint Organization -- Time to set up an area in my studio just for my spray paints.  I find myself buying colors I already have because I couldn’t see them on the crowded garage shelf.
Repurpose It:  Ladders – I’ve been collecting them, now it’s time to put them to use!
Vignette:  Top of Refrigerator – I want to take the hard-to-get-to wasted space up there and make it useful (or at least pretty).
Going Green:  Light bulbs -- There’s more to think about than you know… 
That will keep me busy this month…and give me plenty of different things to write about in September! 

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