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Friday, August 30, 2013

Creative Outlet

August has been a productive month in the yard and in making over my studio… but that’s been the limit of my creative endeavors.  But since I didn’t show my ICAD pieces from last month, I’ll do that now. 
Week 5:
Row 1 –
1.  A quick aura knot I sketched.  The colors are inspired by Little Hoss’ 3rd birthday party – John Deere tractors!
2.  The theme was ‘your name in black’ but I was feeling rebellious.  It also incorporated the themes “red, white, & blue” and “stripes”. 
3.  It was a bit rainy for a while.  That gauge finally topped out at a bit over 3 inches!
Row 2:
1.  Memories of a trip to the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis.  Had a fun morning there with the kids.
2.  Monochromatic arches. 
Row 3:
1. A sketch of my first camera given to me by my great-grandma.
2.  Calendar prompt.  Also for “summertime”.
Week 6:
Row 1 –
1.  The prompt was “nail polish”… so that’s what I used!  (The shades that look ‘black’ are actually deep red or medium purple). 
2.  Psychedelic
3.  Notes from Sunday School class and my doodles.
Row 2 –
1.  For the ‘rainbow’ prompt.
2.  “Chess board” sketch
Row 3 –
1.  This one was for several prompts – “Fish”, “use a word”, and “red & yellow”.
2.  Photo card – this is ‘Cobalt’, the male blue bird who lives in my yard.  He lets everyone know that is HIS birdbath!
Week 7:
Row 1 –
1.  Trying a technique – I hammered a geranium flower to make an image.
2.  Another for “summertime”.
Row 2 –
1.  For the prompt “graffiti” – a photo I took.
2.  Happy Birthday to me!  LOL
Row 3 –
1.  One of Little Bird’s favorite animals!
2.  “Orange”
3.  For the prompt – “The last 5 books you read” (#1)
Week 8:
1.  A doodle while I was waiting on something.
2.  Doodled notes from Sunday School class.
3.  For “logo” I used the bag from my birthday present from my sister. 
I didn’t finish the ‘Index Card a Day’ challenge as that’s when it started getting busy around here.  But it was so much fun that I think I’m going to start up again in September.
… but perhaps without the ‘daily’ pressure…

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