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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Care for a Cuppa?

Two things I really enjoy are a cup of hot tea and doing swaps.  Stephanie at the blog "The Enchanting Rose" ( ) hosts a tea cup and mug swap twice a year.  I just missed the one on the spring so I waited all summer to get in on the September swap.

The basics of the swap are you decide if you want to do a tea cup and saucer or a mug.  You can do both which is what I decided to do.  After the cut off date, Stephanie assigns swap partners and you put together a lovely little gift to be sent to your person.  A different person will have your name.  You mail by a certain date and enjoy the parcel you receive.

This is the parcel I put together for the 'mug' swap.

And here is what I did for the 'tea cup & saucer' swap.

Both of my swap partners are named Amy.  I hope they liked their packages.

For the tea cup, I was sent this lovely parcel from Freida.

The cup and saucer are so unusual!  I love them.  Those tea towels are adorable and are brightening my kitchen.  The little "Harvest" sign is going to be incorporated into a Thanksgiving vignette.  And the Werther's...ummmmmm!

Thank you so much Freida.

However, my mug swap didn't work out.  I'll leave it at that.

I am already planning to join in the Spring swap.  Maybe I'll see you there?


  1. Good morning, Teri! It was a delight to see what Freida sent. The tea cup is indeed quite unique and the shape of the saucer! The extra gifts she included were simply lovely and Werthers are always a good choice {{smiles}}

    The gifts you sent to both Amys were very pretty and no doubt enjoyed by both. I am still chuckling over the fact that I had you sent to two Amy's and didn't even realize it until you pointed it out.

    Thanks for joining the exchange and while you had a few hiccups with the mug you received I appreciate that you want to join the fun again. Hugs!

  2. The teacup looks like such fun, as do the harvest decorations!

  3. What a pretty tea cup! I don't think I've ever seen one with that shape; very unusual. I'm sorry to hear your mug exchange didn't work out. The two gift packages you sent are awesome. Love the pretty vase in the first photo. . .I'll have to look on Stephanie's blog to see who received it! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Wow, you're right, that tea cup is great! And I also have that same little harvest sign...isn't it cute? It's one of my favorites. I'm sorry your mug swap didn't work out. But I'm grateful you got a lovely tea swap. :)

  5. Your teacup is unusual and so pretty and the towels have a lovely autumn leaf motif on them.
    So sorry your mug partner didn't follow through - yes, see you at the spring exchange.

  6. Bless your heart! Sorry, the mug swap didn't work out. Love the gifts you sent and the beautiful one you received.

  7. Your new teacup is so very unusual .. it's wonderful.... a very clever designer. Enjoy the Werther's! Have a fun and tea filled week!

  8. Such a generous heart you have, and the delightful packages you sent out were lovely! The tea cup you received is truly unique, I have not seen another like it! I'm so sorry to hear your mug exchange did not work out, but it sounds like you have taken it in stride. Happy to meet you today and share in this lovely tea party fun! :)

  9. Such a beautiful tea cup, quite unusual and unique.

    That's pretty amazing that you were given two Amy's, God's wonderful design in all things. :-)


  10. I always love seeing what everyone gets and gives... So much fun!!


  11. Ooooo what a pretty teacup! Love the shape of the saucer reminds me of both opened balloon flowers and a spider web. You sent some beautiful items as well, and I'm sure the two Amy's were very appreciative! Enjoy your day :)

  12. What lovely packages, sent and received! I agree that the (light blue?) tea cup that you received has a unique design!


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