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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Making A Flag

There was another painting class hosted by Team Red, White, and Blue, this time it was a couples class to paint a folk art American flag.

We started with this wood blank that already had the lines burned in.

Himself painting the blue of the flag's field.

It was a fun social.

My turn to paint the white stripes.

We took turns on the red...

...because it got a bit tiring trying to be sooooo neat.

Then it was time to put the stars on.

The large size flags had a stencil for the stars but there wasn't one for the small flags.  

I didn't like the free hand drawn ones so I pulled pencil out of my purse and borrowed an exacto knife.

Ta-da!  A star stamp.

Once we were done painting, Laura (the shop owner) put antiquing glaze on the flags.

Then cleaned it off and took it outside to top coat.

Now isn't that a great looking bunch of flags (even our rogue Texan!☺)?

Our flag.  I just love it.

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