Wednesday, November 30, 2016

KonMari All Over Again - Starting on My Studio

KonMari in our main house is done!

So it's now time to start all over my studio.

Remember the first sort is "cloth".  I have so much of that.  There is cloth from other countries, cloth for crafting, cloth for sewing, cloth for quilting...

...and just 'cloth'.

There were blankets and afghans and throws.

And there were rugs.

There was a LOT of sorting and culling.

Keepers were carefully packed into tubs that were labeled and photo inventoried (I like to swap out rugs and throws).

The various fabric/cloth pieces were sorted by type or by what I am going to do with them.  The above are my ethnic fabrics.  Then they either went into my fabric dresser in my studio or tubs out into my extra storage area in the garage.

It took me several days but the results are fantastic!

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