Friday, November 4, 2016

Slice of America: The Street Fair

Street fairs, aren't they so much fun?  Last month we were making a WalMart run and decided to head south through little Ashland City instead of going into Clarksville.

It was a great decision because we came upon a detour  around the heart of Ashland City.  Main Street was now a destination of its own!

I love small town fairs.  You have all the local folks doing meet-and-greets; like the first responders who had special treats for the little ones.

The booths ran for blocks with any thing you would ever want or need!  And a few things you just thought "uh-huh" to yourself.

I think half of the BBQ places in the county were represented plus a few other tasty looking vendors.  I regretted having lunch before we left.

With the band rocking it style... Main Street became a dance floor.  There was some real good boot scootin' boogie going on...

...but none did it better than this wonderful grandma!

Watch this video all the way through, it's worth it.  She may be slow and she may have to use a cane but she still knows how to move!

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  1. You guys are always doing something interesting!!! Love reading what you are up to!!


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