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Monday, November 7, 2016

Felted Pins and Ornaments

Back in September I stopped by a local yarn shop to pick up a skein of yarn.  While making my purchase I noticed a calendar board with a list of classes they were offering.

Classes!  Oh, now that got my interest!  I signed up for a needle felting class right away.

The class fee got the instruction and all of your supplies - 'roving' (brushed out wool), felting needle, block (stiff foam), and the form.  For this class we learned out to do needle felting using a form (aka cookie cutter).

Reader's Digest version... you put your 'roving' into the form and poke the be-jeebbers out of it.  The felting needle has barbs that basically knots the wool fibers together.

See how they mat together?

I did two pieces that I made into pins.  The pumpkin was a gift to my Mom and I kept the oak leaf.

I bought some extra roving and when I return home, started working on a piece to show Himself what I had learned.  

My form was a Scandinavian Dala horse cookie cutter.

See the long fibers of the roving?

Using small twists to make the bridle.

Almost done!

The finished horse.

Persia was fascinated be the wool and kept trying to steal my felted pieces.  I guess I'm going to have to get some natural wool that hasn't been dyed to make her a toy.

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