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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Travel Kitty

People ask us what we do with Persia when we travel.  They are always surprised when we say she comes with us.

She's our traveling kitty!

Mind you, she didn't start out a good traveler.  Like most cats, she was quite vocal about her dislike of being in the car.  There's no 'trick' to getting a cat used to travel...they just have to get used to it by experience.  For weeks before our first trip with her, she went for constant rides with us.  Picking up milk...she came.  Taking trash over to the dumpsters...she rode along.

Soon enough she was bored with the whole thing.

She always has her crate.  Most of the time it is open and this is how she spends the trip...snuggled into her pink blankie watching out the front window.

If she needs to 'do her business' we have a cat box available...with the best darn litter that can be bought!  (When she's done, she hops back into her crate, we lock the door, and pull over for a fast scoop out.)

Sometimes she get restless and sits up in the back window where she is the hit among the little girls who pass our car.  We can tell they are saying "awwwwww" as they point at her.

But even a cat can get tired of the long drives.  She lets you know it's about time to "be there".

Once 'there' she settles in like a Queen.  We call ahead to find hotels that take cats and our friends know how good she is.

You can see directly behind her (just barely) her travel cage.  It's a large size wire dog crate that folds flat.  It's high enough for her cat box with her bed on top.  That is where she sleeps at night.

Otherwise she out and about.  She is a very good girl and doesn't claw or otherwise be bad.  I've never had a cat that TRIES to be good!

When we are ready to leave, she supervises packing then hops into her crate ready for our next stop.  (That tiny bungee cord you see on the door holds the crate door open so it doesn't flop around.)


  1. Oh how sweet!!! I wish we had trained Shadow to go with us. But, then, we had 5 other cats...would have been interesting to say the least. We do take our dog, Annie with us everywhere and the Expedition is full of her stuff from a dog bed to a ramp that we now have to use to get her in and out of the car, because of her arthritis. Love our animals!!! Thanks for sharing this!! I loved it!!

  2. Nice! I've always wanted to try to train our cats to ride in the car, but the only trips they take is to the vets.


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