Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Birds in the Hand

Spring is in the air... and the birds are turning into airheads!

Our first little dummy was so busy chasing another Titmouse that he/she failed to notice the kitchen window.


Himself went out to check on the situation.  Usually they just fly off to the nearest tree where they shake their head like "Dang!  That hurt!"

But sometimes they knock themselves loopy (thankfully we rarely have a fatality).

While he was rescuing, I was preparing the 'recovery pitcher'.  We have a designated yellow pitcher just for holding 'critters'.  Many birds have rested safely in the warm or cool of our house until they were ready to go back outside.

After about a half hour this cheeky bird was pecking on the side of the container wanting OUT.  When I turned the lid to see her, she made to come out of that hole.

Yep, she was ready to fly!  We took her out the front, opened the lid, and she flew straight up like a hummingbird then she was gone.

Our next rescue was not so cute...

A dang starling pushed its way into our chimney.

Persia let us know about the intruder.

We let her have a bit of fun with it for a while.

You know... it is a shame they are such disgusting sky rats.  They really are quite pretty.

They absolutely glow.

This one was so scared he was holding his own leg!

GOOD!  Maybe he won't come back!!
(Can you believe I rescued a starling?!?!)

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