Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hazardous Waste - What's in Your Home?

Have you ever considered all the things in your home that are considered to be 'hazardous waste'?  Things like strippers, just about anything to do with your car maintenance, adhesives, pesticides, fertilizers(!), fluorescent bulbs (all kinds), and old paint.

Friday we started our garage KonMari by going through all of our cans of paint, stain, and sealers.  Those still go were neatly organized back onto the shelf.  Those that had gone south on us were put in a basket in the car trunk.

We also gathered a few other putties and sealers that had gone bad.  We have a special place to keep old fluorescent bulbs for the collection.

We were up early today and headed into town to beat the crowds.  Our county has a pretty good response for collection day.

Once you get there, you don't even get out of your car.  Workers tote it all out and away, with a wave good-bye and a thank you for bringing the stuff in.

I found out that you don't have to go only to the one in your county.  ANY collection is open to anyone living in the state of Tennessee.  So we just did the garage this time and when we KonMari the shed next month, we'll gather the noxious stuff from there.  In early May a neighboring county is hosting a collection.  So we'll drop off the rest of the stuff then, and have a nice lunch in that town too.


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