Saturday, March 4, 2017

Lawn & Garden Show - The Funky Garden Turned Ucky Garden

There's one garden in the show that always has a 'shabby chic' theme.  It's usually a favorite of mine with very cute ideas.  This year it left me cold.

It was - in my opinion - too shabby and no chic.  Or as Himself said, "It looks like a junk yard."

For example, there in the path are smashed cans.  Like you smash cans for recycling...

The horse tanks were done kind of cute.

But the hub cap bird bath and the plain aluminum cans for pots... uh, ... no.

No also to an old plastic laundry basket planter.

Now we both liked the rebar spring but the tin can border... no again.

The old gutter "water feature" was a dull car primer grey.  Sounded good, looked ugly.

I hope they step up their game next year with something a little less "Beverly Hillbilly".

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  1. I always get such a kick out of 'traveling' with you guys on all of your adventures. We need to get out more and do some of these things, but never seem to find interesting things to do like you guys do.


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