Friday, March 3, 2017

Nashville Lawn and Garden Show 2017

Every year Spring Fever arrives in Tennessee the first weekend of March.

That is when the Lawn and Garden show comes to Nashville.  And every year Himself (when he is home) and I go.  This year was no different.  There is SO much to see that I'm going to give you a lot of photos and few words...

This is a giant sun dial.


This dude was trying to get these ladies to see how wonderful his 'robo mowers' are.

They weren't buying it...

Himself checking out some Amish built furniture.


Of course the flowers all over the show are wonderful.  Here's just a few that really caught my eye.


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  1. Ok, cracked up laughing at the NO under Dean sitting in that lawn mower. But, don't you have enough acreage that he NEEDS one??? LOL


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