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Monday, August 2, 2010

August Renovation and August Landscaping Project

Because of family commitments, weather (too wet then too hot), and other circumstances out of my control I have gotten behind in my renovation and landscaping projects. So I’m going to use this month to play catch-up and get some things finished around here!

I HOPE to finish the garage and my office (which will check off the house decluttering and paperwork goals), finish out the patio (the staining the concrete is going to have to wait until it’s not so miserable out), finish the rose garden (except for moving the cannas – too hot), finish out the “curb appeal” projects and finish the outside of the shed (too hot to do the inside).

I’ll have to do another “catch up” later in the fall when it has cooled off. Probably early October. At this point the heat is actually dangerous. A couple days ago the heat index was 108. I can work outside from first light (5:30am-ish) until around 9am. That’s it. Nothing in the evenings. Even at 7:30 pm it is still in the low 90s.


  1. Yes, Midwest weather isn't conducive to being outside. Although yesterday it was "only" 88 and we took a walk after dinner. Tomorrow, though, is supposed to be 100 degrees actual temperature; with the humidity it will feel much hotter than that!

  2. Oh I have been there in that heat for too many years (in Cincy) and I feel your pain, well not literally right now, as it was down in the 50s here last night! But on the flip side, the really cold can be very dangerous too, I think that's how snow birds came to exist! Take it easy in that heat Teri, I heard the forecast for your area this morning. Yikes! ~Lili


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