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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Before and After: I Promised You A Rose Garden

My first “catch up” project is done. I was out at the crack of dawn yesterday to get this done! By 2pm it was 96* with a heat index of 114*!! (According to which has been pretty accurate for our area.)

Dad and Mom weeded it for me. The grass piles in the driveway looked like a hay bale had broken there!

Remember what it looked like before?

First I put down some Miracle Grow fertilizer pellets then I laid down a layer of good quality weed cloth over the whole bed. Getting it tucked in around the stickery roses was not fun!

That was followed with a thick layer (12 bags) of red mulch. I think the red mulch looks really nice against the dark leaves of the roses.

New rule in this household: NO mulch goes down without having weed cloth under it!!!

As I mentioned earlier, the cannas will be staying there until it gets cool enough to move them safely. I’ve got an area I want to put them, plus my Mom wants a few for one of her planting beds. Once I get them out I’ll put about 4 more roses in where they were.

Oh… those rocks sitting on the ties will go bye-bye when I get my wheelbarrow tire aired up.


  1. Very nice!

    I've used weed cloth before. It worked pretty well, but there were some shallow-rooted plants that managed to thrive in the small layer of mulch, so don't expect to never have to weed the bed again :-)

    Do cannas grow year-round in your area? They die back in the fall here, so every year they need to be dug out and replanted in the spring. It's worth it, though.

  2. What a difference...! Good job...!

    Your place looks lovely. But 114 degrees? Good grief! Time to put your feet up and have a lemonade. :-)

  3. You've done a great job, there. Very lovely and roses are wonderful! Be sure and stay hydrated!


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