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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


One of the things about living in the country is you have “critters” who live on your property. We have deer, turkeys, raccoons, possums, bazillions of song birds, squirrels, rabbits, lizards, … and snakes.

So far we have only seen non-poisonous snakes. There is a big ol’ king snake (Elvis) who lives up near the front door. He’s so relaxed and lazy. Last year we found a good size rat snake on the front porch. He was NOT relaxed. In fact, he was pretty ornery. So he was relocated farther out in the woods.

My parents were down last week for a visit and to help me get some things done. One evening Dad moved a flower pot up close to my garage door and found this:

A grey rat snake hatchling.

Neither one of them was happy about the experience!!

I grabbed a jar and flipped him in it. I don’t want snakes near my doors. Well this little guy had attitude by the truck load! He was just a little snot. He would strike at my hand every time I moved

Good thing he’s little, isn’t it?!

Little MT (Mike Tyson) was moved FAR away to a creek where he will hopefully live out a long and cranky life.

Dad has informed me that is the LAST outside work he’s going to be doing at dusk…


  1. Oh WOW, I'm with your Dad on that one! Little Mike Tyson for sure! Thankfully where we live, there are no poisonous snakes to be found! ~Lili

  2. Feisty little devil, he is! I love the names you have for your critters.

    I just looked at you fireplace mantel and LOVE IT!!!! I don't know what my favorite piece is: either the Mexican "candles," or the Maasai bust, or the balalaika...with my favorite building, St. Basil's on it!

  3. Okay, I'm with your Dad. yikes, don't like'em.

  4. I've seen my share of snakes too out here in India. But nothing like that! Yikes!

  5. Glad that little guy got relocated. He is an angry little fellow.


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