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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Movie Review: "Get Low"

Robert Duvall… Bill Murray… Sissy Spacek… Gerald McRainey…

Great cast that gave me hope of a great movie. And so I went.

And indeed the cast was great. Robert Duvall has old coot down pat, with that twinkle of the eye that makes you wonder just how much your chain is being pulled. No one has better comic timing than Bill Murray as that dry humor slides on in. Sissy Spacek and Gerald McRainey are almost always a pleasure to watch and they did not disappoint here.

Shot on location in beautiful Georgia towns and forests. Costumes were spot on.

Everything was in place for a really good movie.

But I left the theater feeling “meh” about it. Not bad… didn’t regret paying the money to see it. But not really good either.



  1. The trailer actually looks pretty good -- of course that can be deceiving. But what a great cast. I just might check it out.

    I see that it also stars Lucas Black, who is all grown up now. He always played a strange sort of kid in all his movies, but he has grown into a really handsome young man.

    Hmmm... I had not heard of this movie until now. Thank you...! :-)



  2. According to reviews the language is pretty bad... I find it so hard and frustrating to find movies that don't use the Lord's name in vain! I wish people would make movies with out the horrible language!!!

  3. The trailer kind of piques my interest. ~Lili


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