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Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Goal – “Picture This”

Another dreaded goal to achieve... sorting/culling my photos and getting them properly organized. I know there is no way I can actually get it completely done in a month but I'll be happy with a good solid start on the project!

I have three or four 12x12 boxes to go thru PLUS about 15 small "photo boxes" I've already been sorting into. That is not counting the thousands of photos on my computer since I have switched to digital photography

I want to get the photos into albums/scrapbooks or published photobooks. That in itself will probably take me a couple years.

As part of my photo work, I want to put together a portfolio of my best stuff that I can pull at a moment’s notice for a show or display opportunity.

And I also want to do a photo inventory of the whole house and shed. Uf-da!

Since I’m doing photos, I will also use this month to go thru the old camera equipment I have, books, albums and anything else that has to do with photography.

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  1. Yes, it's been an incredibly hot summer and it sounds like you have a lot of projects to do. I'm glad you're approaching them wisely. Thanks for your visit to my blog. Very much appreciated. :)


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