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Friday, August 20, 2010

Before and After: Shed Exterior

As you come down the walk to our front door, you are looking directly at our shed (this is actually a photo from the back of the house – didn’t have one from the front. But you get the idea). And it hasn’t been a sight that was welcoming.

So even tho you can’t actually see it from the curb, it was part of what I wanted to work on with my “curb appeal” projects.

So here is the new look for the shed…

Much better… yes?

I painted the trim around the window and door to match the soffits. I’m not sure if the corners and that crossbeam should be painted dark also or left alone. What do you think?

Before he left, Himself leveled up this area so I could fill it in with marble chips. Eventually we are going to concrete the driveway and this area will be part of that. So I opted for a low cost solution until then.

All the accessories (except the Wal-Mart flower pot) came from TJ Maxx/Home Goods.

I bought the metal pieces for a project I was going to do in the living room. But plans changed and now I needed to find someplace to use them. After a few coats of spray Spar poly I think they make cute ‘shutters’! They are a Home Goods find too.

This planter came from – Home Goods! LOL (Can you tell I really like that store?) OK, I already know some of you are rolling your eyes at the silk plants. It’s called “making do”.

It wasn’t ready when I could buy plants in the spring AND it’s far from the water source. I’m getting real here… I won’t be dragging a hose up there to water and unless it is a cast iron tough plant, it’s not going to survive. Next year I’ll put some varieties of sedum in the planters but it just didn’t happen this year.

Besides – it looks cute from the front walk.

The far side has 4 lilac bushes, which I will soon get mulch around. It’s been too darn hot to fool with it now!

The boxwoods on the side are a late fall project… once I’m sure the birds are no longer nesting, they are going bye-bye. To a certain few people boxwood smell like… well, they smell like cat pee. And I’m one of those people. BLEH!!!

If they have good trunks there are a couple people in my bonsai class who will make bonsai out of them. If they have the typical branchy trunk, a different friend wants them for some wood carving project. Either way, they won’t be wasted.

They will be replaced with more lilacs.

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  1. I love it. So many people overlook their outbuildings, and it always excites me to see one that's decorated.

    I really like the graduated flower baskets. What a nice touch.

  2. Your shed looks great!

    Partying with you at Donna's.

  3. Hello to a fellow "Teri"! I love your garage - it looks fabulous! It certainly has me thinking about the curb appeal of my own place, even if it is a rental. I'm your newest follower! :)

  4. That idea you had for the shutters is so cool! And I had no idea those flowers were faux. You did a great job Teri! What an amazing difference it makes. ~Lili

  5. Much more welcoming! Good job!


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