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Monday, August 16, 2010


Thursday when I was in town for my art class there was a storm. We could hear the thunder and the pounding of the rain. When I drove home it was after dark but I noticed a lot of branches and leaves on the road.

Then Friday I get up and see a BIG limb down from one of our sycamores in the back yard. And there are leaves plastered all over the house. Hmmmm.

Across the road my neighbor is sawing up tree pieces in his daughter’s yard. The big sycamore in the back yard of the cabin was missing at least a third of its top!

About 50 yards away one of its huge branches is up in some other trees!

I had to go back into town to drop of some donations to my favorite charity thift stores. It is then I see all sorts of branches and trees down.

AND a shed was almost on the road in a mangled mess! Wow!

Later I was up in the front yard and notice wood pieces scattered all the way across the yard. So I investigate. These weren’t just “wood pieces” … these things were splinters of an oak tree. SPLINTERS!!!!! Some of them as long as 3 feet. From the bark, it was an oak… a big, old, strong oak. And they were in a path, more or less 10 feet wide with most of them pointing in the same NW to SE orientation like they had been laid out. There were so many they could probably almost fill the back of my small pick-up. (Photo shows some of the small pieces – saved to show Himself when he gets back. The one in the very front is about 10" long. Notice how they are dirt covered and one has leaves driven into it?)

There had to have been an F0 tornado that was not quite touching down, but rather ‘flicking’ things as it went along. I’ve checked over the house today and it is fine.

I am SO GLAD I was in town, as I would have been scared to death!!! (But it would have been kinda cool to see too…)


  1. Ouch, I would have been scared too! Glad it didn't touch down.

  2. Teri, I'm glad you were safe, too. Tornados are scary and amazing things. The pictures are an eye-opener.

  3. Wow, we got the wind and torrential rain, and in fact, I drove to work in it that day, but I had no idea there was that much damage that close to me. Where was the news coverage??!!

    You're right - it had to be an F0 or maybe F1. Although the official report may say straight-line winds.

    I say tornado.

  4. Tornado or not, those things all ended up completely shattered in places where they didn't belong. So glad you weren't home either! ~Lili


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