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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Absence of White

Over at Funky Junk, Donna is having a Saturday Night Special themed link-up of “white”. I’m always excited about her challenges and look forward to working with each new inspiration. However, just back from our trip and prepping for having my family down (with babies!!) for Thanksgiving, I didn’t have time to work on a project.

But as I thought about it, I realized I really didn’t want to do anything in white. As much as I enjoy looking at homes and décor featuring ‘white’… it is just not me. And my home shows that.

After much thought I realized I have three white things in my house…

… a sheepskin throw on the back of my couch.  I picked this up last year at a farm B&B we stayed at.  It’s so warm and comfy.

…a white vase in the hall bathroom.  I just moved it in there when I redid my mantle and haven’t decided what I want to put in it.

… and my white towels and wash clothes.

That is it!

Whoa… wait a minute! I DO have one more white thing in the house…

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

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