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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Drive-by Shots from the Northlands

Part of our fun on a road trip is to wander along the back roads and enjoy our beautiful country.  Here are a few miscellaneous photos I took as we traveled about.  I can only give a rough guess where most were taken.  Sometimes Eliza – my GPS – didn’t even know where we were!!

Beautiful maple leaves in Winona, MN.

Farm dog near Baldwin, WI.

"There was a crooked man, who lived in a crooked house..."
NW of Albert Lea, MN.

One of a flock of bald eagles 'working' a field that had just been combined.

Lovely barn near Elmwood, WI.

Too cute!  Eau Galle, WI.

A beautiful cloud iridescence in WI.  The next day was really cold!

Saw this waaaay out on a country road.  I'll bet he doesn't give many appointments either!

A Wisconsin valley.

Even Iowa has its Parrotheads!

Time to sit and enjoy the sunshine...

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  1. Wonderful scenes of the midwest Teri! Nice capture of that eagle and there's just something about a barn picture that is so interesting to see. Someone should make a coffee table book of a collection of barns and silos. ~Lili


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