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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Driftwood Craft Kit... Unassembled

Himself and I have a favorite place along the Mississippi River to find pieces of driftwood. 

After a flood it piles up in huge mounds.  The easy to access places we dig around in all year.  But some areas it is caught up in brushy places.  For those we have to wait until after a couple freezes… I don’t risk coming face-to-face with a copperhead or water moccasin!

There are twigs… sticks… branches… and LOGS!

Recently – having been inspired by the great signs people are making – I have been picking up drift boards.  This is one that “got away”.  I couldn’t fit it in my truck with all the other things I had back there.

But I did grab up these boards!

And found a small amount of driftwood I liked.

It will be added to my pile of driftwood at home for future projects. I keep my driftboards on a shelf in the garage.

That is a lot of future fun and funky projects in that pile!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


  1. Okay, Teri, now what wonderful ideas are you going to do with them? :)

  2. You know I never even thought of the perils of collecting driftwood in warmer climes. You have quite a good collection going there and it looks just like what I find here. ~Lili

  3. Okay, so I daydreamed on this post! Yay! Looking forward to seeing what you will make out of this!


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