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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Power Shopping

While visiting Himself’s uncle and aunt in Austin, MN, I suggested during lunch a quick shopping trip to the Younkers department store to Aunt D.  So eager was she to go, she almost dropped her drink glass!  Uncle A almost dropped his too… but not from eagerness.

Before you could shake a spoon, Aunt D had the table in front of us cleared and was pulling Younkers coupons from her purse. With military precision she flipped thru them, deciding which would give her the best deal and what one she could share with me since I don’t have a store credit card.  Lunch was quickly finished and off we went for a bit of retail therapy.
Once in Younkers, Aunt D found a buggy to hold her shopping conquests, explained to me the layout of the store and off she headed to women’s clothing at an amazing clip.  I followed at a more leisurely pace with a quick detour in the kiddie department.

When I made it down to clothing Aunt D had done a bit of recon in my shopping area and made sure I was aware of where the bargains were located.

Then she was back to her area, stalking the elusive super saver double points table.

I didn’t see her for quite a while after that. Himself and Uncle A had made themselves comfortable in the two available chairs… and refused to move; so I dropped my selections on Himself’s lap as I headed over to browse in the jewelry until Aunt D finished. I saw everything there was to see in there and in the scarves and gloves.

When I made it back over to the guys, they still hadn’t seen Aunt D.  However, they did find the time to make jokes about one of my “treasures”… little snowmen for Hanna and Owen.

After a bit Aunt D came back with a spring in her step and twinkle in her eye.  She had found BARGAINS.  She was completely jazzed while I was ready to melt.  She was unfazed by Uncle A’s comments about having so many clothes she would never have to do laundry again.  We headed over to the checkout desk.

I’m not sure what she had in her bulging bag. Mine had several outfits for the babies and one tunic for me. I was ready to go home!

You know, it’s bad when you shop til you drop… but 90 year old Auntie is going like the Energizer Bunny! (And the reason she is so able to ignore Uncle A’s comments? They have been married for almost 72 years!)


  1. The babies will look so cute! The big O had his first day in the swing and he rolled from back to front and then front to back! It was a big day for him!

  2. Wonderful! I could visualize what wasn't pictured! More proof to the male species that when a woman has made up her mind, and when armed with savings coupons, is unstoppable!

  3. Wow, 72 years. That's mind boggling to me. I wonder what the secret is... :) Cute outfits for the babies!

  4. God Bless your Auntie and Uncle, how very sweet they are! ~Lili


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