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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Birthday Crab Boil for Himself

In my family, birthdays are special. The birthday person is the king or queen of the day with a special meal and presents.  October is Himself’s birthday month. We celebrated with a crab boil done up by my brother-in-law. The huge stock pot I brought up was too large for the gas grill…

… so we switched gears and made a wood fire to cook by.

When there was a good bed of coals and more wood burning, BIL transferred the stock pot onto the stone tripod.

The fire was built back up and we waited as it came to a boil.

BIL kept watch so he could get the timing right for all the things he would be adding:

potatoes, then corn, then lobster, then king crab and finally shrimp.

My Dad kept watch too.  A fire is a nice place to sit around and talk.

Finally the steaming pot was done and it was time to eat.

Little Bird enjoyed her first ear of corn.

And the rest of us hoovered the delicious seafood.  There weren’t many leftovers that night!


  1. How cool!

    I've never heard of a boil over a campfire in the middle of Tennessee :-)

  2. What a fantastic birthday!!!

  3. Wow, that looks really good, never been to a real crab boil and all my favorite foods too. Sometime when you get back would you show me how to create a blog so we can put our sailboat venture on it?

  4. Everything always tastes so much better in the outdoors! What a fun idea to celebrate your husband's birthday. ~Lili


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