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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Stories That Will Never Be Told

A grandson once asked, “What did great-grandpa believe?
What were his prayers? What gave him his hope?
His grandson replied, “He had family preachings:
I hid in the coop; to miss his sermons – my hope!”

A grandson once asked, “What did great-grandma Aline like?
What made her laugh? What were her dreams?”
Her grand-daughter replied, “There were 9 children,
A farm to be run… how could she dream?”

A great-nephew once asked, “Why did they travel so?
What did they see? Where did they go?
Their niece replied, “They went all over,
Staying with each relative… saving their dough!”

Who were these people whose bloodline I share?
What made them smile, what job was their task?
So many questions I wanted to know…
Now only silence… no one had asked.

This blog is in response to the “You Capture” photo challenge – “Silence”.


  1. Oh I like it! I love that stories are implied by tombstones, even if the dead hold their peace.

    I have friend who is researching a tombstone she saw. Two sisters, 16 and 14, drowned on the same day in the 1890s. She actually dug up the microfiched newspaper at her local library.

    Sort of brought them back to life, however briefly, simply by caring.

    Isn't that the neatest thought?

  2. A powerful and totally unexpected take on capturing silence for your photo challenge! ~Lili


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