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Friday, November 12, 2010

Cool Junk Mail!

When I get solicitation junk mail, it is never anything remotely interesting.

But when Himself’s cousin Carmen get junk mail… it’s treasure!

In ONE year she had received this pile…

… of note pads (blank and personalized), shopping lists, address labels and calendars! She has even been sent a cute personalized mug.

She was more than happy to share her bounty… so both Himself and I are set with notepads and calendars for the next year.


  1. That is quite impressive junk!

    As a postal employee, I am not supposed to call it "junk mail," but let's face it...that's exactly what most of it is. These days, if I withdraw five pieces of mail from my box, more than likely one piece will be a bill (necessary stuff,) two pieces will be catalogs which I may flip through before tossing, and two pieces will be solicitations for credit cards or timeshares or something equally annoying.

    But I do get my yearly calendar from...where is it? Better Homes and Gardens, I think, and another magnetized one from...oh, some realtor. And usually a notepad from...Easter Seals, maybe? And of course gift labels from Christmas Seals, and yesterday I got some really cute Disney gift labels from my Disney credit card. That's about it, though. Your cousin-in-law should share her secret!

  2. Earlier in the year I was getting a set of address labels a couple of times a month (which I didn't want or need).

    I never sent the organizations a donation, so I think they dropped me from their solicitation lists.

  3. She hit the jackpot with good freebies. I get address labels and that's it. I have enough to last me a life time. The notepads would be nice.


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