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Monday, May 2, 2011

Our Easter

April flew by so quickly that Easter was upon me before I did much decorating for it.  I put a few things out… and made plans for next year!

This stays out year round.  Both scenes are hand carved; the nativity by a local woodworker and the Last Supper is from Tanzania.  The cross has Mark 9:2-13 inscribed in it.

I’ve had this Celtic cross for quite a while.  I like the way it looks next to the carving.

I found this silk dogwood at Home Goods.  The ‘legend of the dogwood’ is such a nice little story. 

This Last Supper relief carving is made from coal.  It was done by an artist in North Dakota.   

And this little decoration is, as I told Himself, nothing to do with ‘Easter Bunnies’ and everything to do with CHOCOLATE!!! 
We headed up to Missouri on Good Friday to spend the holiday with family. Himself hadn’t seen Little Bird and Little Hoss since Christmas. What a change he saw!  
We went to church on Easter morning, then came back home to wait for Sis, BIL and the babies to arrive.

Little Bird was so sweet in her Easter dress and hat.  She was quite excited at the sight of the baskets waiting in the living room.

Love those bows in back! 

Little Hoss looked quite stylish in his wee suit. 

Mom set a beautiful table for the Easter meal. 

And made a fun dessert too!

Little Hoss is too young to have sweets.  Poor baby doesn’t know what he was missing! 

After the meal it was time to get into the baskets!  I never knew that Walker’s shortbread came in animal shapes.  When I saw that, I just had to grab a box for the babies.

Bird likes looking at pictures and enjoyed her card.

Then it was time to hunt the eggs!  Since it was raining we hid them (if you can call that ‘hiding’) in the house. 

After a bit of coaching, Little Bird had no problem loading up her basket. 
It was a wonderful weekend with our family.

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  1. I've never thought of including a Nativity and Last Supper together, although it makes perfect sense :-)


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