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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Southern Adventure: Our Next Lodging Was Old Shack!

The drive ended in Clarksdale, MS. Our lodgings for the next two nights was at “The Shack Up Inn”  . To say it is an unique accommodation is an understatement! If Funky Junk Donna were to have an inn, this is what I imagine it might look like!

The lodgings are either remodeled sharecropper shacks or rooms in the converted cotton gin on the property.

As we pulled in on the rutted gravel road, Himself said “This doesn’t look like a good neighborhood… are you sure you have the right directions?”

(Shack row from the front. Obviously taken the next morning.)

I assured him I did and said to keep driving. We came around the other side of the horseshoe shaped road/driveway to the large cotton bin building and we could see the “lobby” sign.

(Cotton bins with the lobby on the far left.)

“We’re staying in a junk yard???!!!” 

To keep from laughing, I quickly pointed to a cat in front of us and became totally concerned that he did not run over it as we pulled in. When he parked I told him I had to run in and I would be right back.

Zipping in the doorway, I burst out laughing. Shack Up manager Marc looked up with a smile waiting for me to share the joke with her. Soon she was laughing too! 

When I came back out with the key and directed Himself to go back the way we came, he was quite relieved. But it was a very short lived relief as I instructed him to pull in behind one of the middle shacks and said…

“Hi Honey, we’re home!”

Once inside, he saw the coolness of our lodging.

Our shack was the Robert Clay shack.  Part of its description is “he had a tractor and seven sons”.  We also found out he had a little something else…
Here’s the living room. 

And from the front door looking to the kitchen and on back.

The kitchen.

The bedroom.

And our tiny bathroom…

…with the “something else” Mr. Clay had.  A moonshine still up in the attic! 

The next morning we walked around the “neighborhood” enjoying the eclectic decorating of all the shacks.

Aren’t they fun??

Then we crossed the lawn to go in the back of the cotton bin building.

The lobby is also a gift shop full of work by local artists.  There are many fantastic pieces like this one.  There are also ‘souvenir’ items like glasses, postcards, etc.

The very end of the building is a club called The Juke Joint Chapel”. 

The décor is full Funky Junk!

Marc invited Himself to play the piano up on the stage, something he very much enjoyed. 

During the time we spent at the Shack Up Inn, there were several jam sessions on the lawn as fellow lodgers got together to share talents. What fun to listen to! 

We have a fantastic time and full intend on going back to chill out and enjoy the atmosphere. 


  1. Hilarious! I'd love to have seen this place in person. I think they ought to send me over to review it. :)


  2. Oh my gosh! Forget ANY fancy shmancy Hotel! I am making this my next vacation destination! LOVE it!!! Thank you for posting such GREAT pictures.

  3. That is amazing! Think about how much fun they had putting this together! I don't think my hubby would appreciate the ambiance, but it looks like a barrel of fun to me! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What an awesome place and the entertainment just was the cherry on top. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Loved this tour! What a beautiful place to stay!

  6. That looks like a lot of fun!

  7. Planning on it this year! Found this place on quirky hotels about a yr. ago, showed the ol man and we just can't wait to kick back and have a great vaca here with some great people sippin on some "Hey"...this may be the perfect place to get hitched after 20 yrs. they have a preacher?...dont need nothin fancy...maybe a couple cigars- may need the


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