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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Encyclopedia of Moi: I

Incredible!  I hadn’t Imagined that doing my letters would be so Immensely fun!

Ice: I am an unrepentant ice cruncher… tho I am also an ice snob. I like crunching on ice that has a lot of air in it, making it ‘soft’ yet firm. Sonic has the perfect ice. Snow cones are a favorite treat… shaved ice is even better! And I’m not alone in my crunching. Mom, Sis and Little Bird are all ice crunchers too! 

Indian Fry Bread: I discovered this treat on our trip thru the SW in ’04. We stayed in a B&B in Monument Valley that was an authentic Navajo hogan (super cool!). Supper was an option offered and we happily accepted. Our hostess made fry bread to go with our meal. Mmmmmmm! Made in a wood burning oven, it was smoky, tender yet crispy. Absolutely delicious!

Iron: I love iron as a decorative accent. Without actually getting up to look… I think I have some sort of crafted iron in every room of our home. 

Iridescent: From childhood I have been drawn to items that are iridescent, like the inside of certain shells or particular types of glass. It’s like holding a rainbow in your hand.

Iguana: For years I had a pet iguana I had named Zorro (so called for the wild way he would whip his tail when he was tweaked at you). He grew very large and his last cage was a 6 ft jewelry display case I bought from a store that closed. He had a weakness for watermelon and hibiscus flowers. 

Incense: OK, you can call me a hippie but I like a nice incense softly done. I used to use them a lot but they made one of our cats sneeze. I think I’ll start using them again. 

Icon: In 1994 I traveled to Russia as a delegate of an international humanitarian aid organization I was on the board of. One of my hosts took an icon off the wall of his home and gave it to me as a gift. Thanks Alex… I still treasure it! 

Iris: Another one of my favorite flowers. I have a row of them planted at the edge of what will someday be our bird garden. Whenever I see one I like at a nursery or garden show I add it to the row. My great grandma had iris growing up along her driveway. Mom has some of them and said she will give me a few fans to put in my iris bed. 

Independent: That is one of my strengths… and one of my weaknesses. I cannot remember a time when I didn’t want to do things on my own.

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