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Friday, May 20, 2011

A Southern Adventure: Good Eats - Hagy's Catfish Hotel

By the time we arrived at Shiloh, we both had growling stomachs!  Our small breakfast had been hours earlier.  A park ranger recommended a local landmark just a few minutes away.  Hagy’s Catfish Motel ( )   has been serving up catfish and more since 1938… they know how to do it right!

They’ve been in this building since 1976; a year after a fire destroyed the old building. 

On the big porch that wraps itself around the building are these CUTE Adirondack chairs.  Aren’t they perfect for a fish restaurant!?

Once you are seated inside you have this fantastic view of the Tennessee River. 

Another meal of Southern cuisine, I ordered the fried frog legs and oysters.  It came with a basket of hush puppies (or hush husbands as I like to call them!). 

Himself had the lemon pepper catfish and tried one of my frog legs.

We finished our meal with “Lemon Rub Pie”. The menu described it as “Baked here since 1938, our grandmother’s recipe includes fresh squeezed lemon juice, butter eggs and sugar in a flaky pie crust. A different twist on chess pie.”

I’ll just describe it as “delicious”!!

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