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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Giving the Gifts of Hope and Encouragement

Thru a reorganizing, the child sponsorship group I have been a part of – Kenya’s Kids In Need – is now being managed by its parent group Plant-A-Book  ( ).   This is the group thru which I sponsor my teacher in Kenya.

They are now called “Nairobi Kids” ( )  This group is partnered with a school in the Soweto slum of Nairobi, Kenya. 

This photo is of the director Fanuel with some of the children.

The children here live in terrible poverty.  This is one of the homes near the school. 

The partnership has produced amazing successes. A grade level at a time, this high school has been built by the determination of the sponsors of the children and the community. Last year (I think) the first class graduated with very good results.

My children I had been sponsoring had moved out of the area. So I am now sponsoring 3 bright young people in high school.

“Duncan is 13 years old and in Form 1 (a Freshman).  His father died and he lives with his unemployed mother.  He has two younger brothers.  Duncan helps with the cooking at home.  His best subjects are chemistry and math, and he wants to be an accountant.  He scored very well on the KCPE exam with marks of 358/500.  Duncan enjoys playing football.” 

Titus is 16 and in form 3 (a Junior).  His birthday is July 21.  Because of severe hardship, his parents are unable to provide for him and he is now living at Holly House orphanage.  Titus is very bright, placing 5th in his class.  Titus wrote, “I need more support as my parents financial status is very low and they are not able to cater for my academic needs. My major desire is to excel to university level”. He enjoys football, and his best subjects are Biology and Physics.  Someday he would like to be a civil engineer. 

Joy is 13 years old and in form 1. Her birthday is November 12. Joy is an orphan, both of her parents died. She did very well on her KCPE (8th grade) exam but the guardian she was staying with could not afford to send her to high school. Through determination and confidence she came to WHS and asked the director to please admit her to the school. Joy enjoys singing, and her best subjects are English and Kiswahili. Her dream is to be an accountant.  

I'm looking forward to watching these young people develop! If you would like to give the gift of hope to someone who truly needs a hand-up, consider checking out this group.

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