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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Diesel's Seasonings

A few weeks ago I received an email from Karen at  telling me I had won a drawing for some spices. Soon after there was a package in my mailbox.

Diesel’s Seasonings are spice blends created by Karen’s son Dave. Dave was in the Marines (and that is where the name Diesel comes in). Anyone who has been in the military knows that MREs need a lot of help to be edible…  Dave started blending the seasonings that are included in MRE packets to make a more palatable meal for himself and his buddies.

After leaving the military, Dave followed his new passion of food and has entered culinary school. And he created Diesel’s Seasonings…

In true Marine fashion, these are no wimpy spices!

The Kickin’ Cajun Spice Blend… wow!  Hooo-EEEE!  It’s higher on the Scoville scale that I can handle.  Great flavor…a lot of burn.  It went to my brother-in-law who can eat things that make my eyes water just to watch! 

Jerk Spice Blend.  You can taste the Jamaica sunshine in this one.  Very nice on chicken and pork.  It does have a kick but not an overpowering one.  Just enough to let you know it is there.

Signature Spice Blend. A nice basic spice blend with enough personality to make you remember it. Again a bit of a kick. Good stuff! Was really great on steak. 

I like them well enough that I have bought a second set to share with the chef on Himself’s ship. I think Luis will like them as much as I do! 

You can order the seasoning blends at:  

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  1. Teri, my google account is finally working. Thank you so much for posting about David's spices. You are a dear.


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