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Monday, November 14, 2011

Encyclopedia of Moi: U

USA:  It’s where I’m from and it’s what I am.  Enough said.  

USO:  I am a supporter of the USO (United Service Organizations).  Their mission is to “lift the spirits of American troops and their families”.  Most are familiar with the way the USO entertains the troops even in war zones.  But they are there in other ways.  They send care packages to soldiers.  They set up centers so troops can call home.  They are in many airports offering a comfortable place to hang out between flights.  And they are there for the families whose fallen soldier is coming home for the final time.  Next time you see a USO in an airport, step inside.  You have to have an Armed Forces ID card to use the facility… but not to make a donation.  It’s a good way to say “thank you” to the troops.

Umbrella:  I have a fun umbrella like one of these that came from Ethiopia.  I’ve always thought they are cool and when we were there in ’03 I made sure to bring one home.  

Upholster:  One of the things on my list to learn to do.  I have several pieces in various degrees of difficulty to work on.  You’ll be seeing the results as I “have at” next spring.

UAE:  We were here in 2003 for a day visit.  Didn’t get to do much but we did make it down to the gold souk.  Wow!!  

Ural Mountains:  In 1994 I traveled to Chelyabinsk, Russia as a board member of a humanitarian aid organization we were involved with.  I had the opportunity to tour the area and spend a bit of time in these beautiful mountains.  I’d love to go back someday!

Upright piano:  This beauty belongs to Himself.  It’s a Bush and Lane upright grand made in 1917.  He bought it from one of his cousins in MN, who had inherited it from her mother…who purchased it new.  (Wow… I really need to do some dusting after being gone so long to Scotland!)  

Upcycle:  This is part of my ‘thrifty’.  I like taking something that might be considered ‘junk’ and fixing it up.  Or I might completely redo what it was intended for…making a new item from it.  It gets the creative juices flowing!

Unicorns:  In my late teens and early 20s I collected unicorns (well before they were “cool” and they were actually kind of hard to find).  My collection was small because I was particular about them.   The first gift Himself gave me was a carved stone box with unicorns on it.

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