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Monday, November 21, 2011

Encyclopedia of Moi: V

Vinegar:  I have loved vinegar ever since I was a little kid and Mom had to hide the vinegar cruet, because I would drink it!  As an adult I discovered balsamic vinegars… oh my!  At this moment I have 7 bottles of balsamic in my pantry… including one that is $35 a bottle.  The photo is from a fabulous store I found in St Louis called di Olivas.  You can sample before you buy.  

Vietnamese food:  One of my top 5 favorite cuisines.  I like its lightness and clean tastes. 

Vegetable:  I like almost all vegetables that I’ve tried.  That’s one reason why I’ve enjoyed my CSA boxes so much this summer.  With this goodness delivered fresh every week, I was a happy camper!  

Van Gogh:  I have appreciated his art as long as I remember.  The bold strokes and strong colors appeal to me.  I have seen several exhibits of his works and am never disappointed.

Vineyard:  Someday I’d like to have a small vineyard of culinary grapes.  I think I would like tending the vines.  And since I like making grapevine baskets it is a win-win situation!  

Volunteer:  I have spent my live doing volunteer work.  I started in high school working at the Red Cross bloodmobiles and still do volunteer work with various organizations to this day.    That’s about 35 years of volunteering!

Violets:  Another favorite flower.  I would love to have these wild violets all over my yard.  (Anyone know where I could buy seed to broadcast around?)   

Vitamins:  Yep, I take them.  Tho I’m not nutty about it.

Vulcan:  I’m a Trekker and proud of it!  LOL  And Spock is my favorite character.  

Vicks:  OK, here’s one of my weird things.  I love the smell of Vicks Vapor Rub! 

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