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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

End of the Harvest

Himself and I drove out to Dover last Sunday to attend “Farm Day” at the farm that does the CSA boxes I’ve been enjoying all summer.  We were able to see where the veggies have come from and to enjoy a vegetarian lunch made foods harvested at Doalnara.

The cooler weather has made it possible for a fall crop of lettuce. 

The cabbages are just beautiful!

This made me want to cook up a spinach casserole!

My freezer is full of bell peppers I’ve gotten all summer.

And I’ve enjoyed several ‘messes’ of fried okra too.  I just dust mine in corn meal/flour and fry them up.  I don’t care for the heavy battered fried okra.

Eggplant…  I’ve seen a lot of those!  I was asked if I could make something for the lunch and they would supply what I needed.  I said I had a good eggplant casserole and would make up a batch or two from whatever they wanted to give me.  When I picked up my veggie box last Wednesday… they gave me a half bushel of eggplant!!  That’s a lot of peeling!

A parsnip.

I didn’t know what this was.  Found out it was an artichoke!  Since it’s a biannual, this year it ‘takes its ground’ and next year it will bloom.

One of many greenhouses.  This one had tomatoes, bok choy and lettuces.

Himself and I at the farm.

And here’s the meal made from vegetables harvested from the farm.  It was so good.

That’s my eggplant casserole in the glass baking dish. 

Even the desserts were made with produce from the gardens.  

Sadly, today will be my last CSA box for the year.  I wonder what goodies I’ll find in it…

 (linked to You Capture "Harvest" photo challenge.)


  1. Teri, that was such an enjoyable post. (Made me hungry, too.) I love okra, especially in my gumbo. I didn't know that about artichokes, which I like, too. Ok, there's really not much I don't like...sigh...:)

  2. oh i am drooling over your beautiful harvest! i dream of a harvest that big someday but I am still learning!!

  3. The food looks so yummy. It probably doesn't help that I am starving at the moment I am looking at your pictures. LOL
    I have a mess of okra to harvest and cook. Hubs loves the nasty stuff. :)

  4. Wow, that spread looks good. Sooooooo good. Yum! And fried okra? Double yum.

  5. Sounds like an awesome CSA program. Love that they made such a plentiful lunch for everyone with their own harvest. That greenhouse is AMAZING!

  6. oh I am starving now looking at all those wonderful veggies. Even the desserts. Wow.


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