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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So Many Changes!

We spent Thanksgiving in MO… which of course means BABY TIME!!  With the trip to Scotland and “The Pilgrimage” to Minnesota & Wisconsin, I hadn’t seen them in TEN weeks.  Oh my, I was having bad withdrawals!  That is the longest I’ve gone without seeing them… I’m usually up there every month.
It was a beautiful day, so we took them out to my parents’ front yard for a photo shoot.

Little Bird is still the baby roadrunner.  That leaf she is carrying was a ‘gift’ to put in my hair.  LOL

I’m not sure what Little Hoss found so interesting but he was certainly studying something!

And then ‘Bird’ decided the front porch needed some decorating.  She quite purposefully marched up and set to work.

You can run… but you can’t hide!

Sissy has plans to make the porch beautiful and there is nothing you can do about it! 

With much effort Little Bird dragged the flowers until they were arranged to her satisfaction! 

Poor Little Hoss was a bit dazed by the all the fuss.  They had looked fine to him the way they were! 

But he pitched in to help… after all; there was dirt to play in!

But a dude can only handle so much flower arranging before he tries to beat feet back inside to watch the game with Dad and Grandpa!

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